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Heating and Cooling

Our highly qualified Service Technicians are ready and able to help you with your home’s Heating & Cooling problems. Everyone in our company knows the importance of getting you comfortable again as quickly as possible. From the dispatcher who is always looking at the schedule to ensure we are operating the most efficiently, to the technicians who take care of your home, you will notice the attention given to your needs. No matter what brand of equipment you have at your home, we are here to help!


At Parker’s, we install and service geothermal systems by Bosch / Florida Heat Pump. These heat pump systems are the most energy and cost efficient systems on the market and therefore the greenest technology and the smartest investment for Residential and Commercial heating and cooling applications.

As the cost of energy increases, geothermal installations are becoming the system of choice. The earth has a tremendous capacity for storing thermal energy which can be utilized to heat and cool a home or building. Although the initial cost of a geothermal application tends to be higher, considering the life cycle savings in energy and reduced maintenance costs, geothermal seems to be the smartest decision.


Commercial Construction
We are the perfect sized company for any business looking for a comfort provider. At Parker’s, we have the in house capabilities to offer you a professional system design, installation and ductwork fabrication. We are large enough to offer our design build services with professionalism and we are small enough to operate under a reasonable overhead. This means that no one can offer better solutions at a more reasonable price. No matter what you are looking for with your company, we can offer solutions to meet your needs. Below are just some of the Commercial Projects that Parker’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has been a part of.